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Jun 2022

Hiking the Mnweni Circuit with Cobus du Preez

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Mnweni Circuit: A majestic section of The Great Escarpment

Location: Drakensberg, South Africa

The Mnweni Circuit is a mind-blowing, multi-day hike in the dramatic Drakensberg. It will test your grit across approximately 42km, depending on which detours you choose to take. The route is unmarked, the terrain is challenging on many levels, and you need to be completely self-sufficient. Add a cold front and 50cm’s of snow, and it becomes an adventure to remember. It’s the only part of the area that doesn’t fall under the Natal Park Board, making Mnweni one of the most remote hiking areas in the region.

We chose to do the hike over 2 nights and 3 days – but if we had a choice, we would have spent an extra night in the Ledges cave. It is the perfect spot from which to explore the escarpment a bit more and to take in the magnificent views.

Day 1: Mnweni Cultural and Hiking Centre to Shepard's Cave

Total time: +/- 6hours
Total distance: +/- 17km
Total Ascent: +/- 750m

Day 2: Shepard's Cave to Ledges Cave via Mnweni Pass

Total time: +/- 6hours
Total distance: +/- 10km
Total Ascent: +/- 1400m

Day 3: Ledges Cave to Mnweni Cultural Centre via Rockeries Pass

Total time: +/- 7hours
Total distance: +/- 13km
Total Descent: +/- 1400m

Scuttle Tips

Take a Spot satellite messaging device with you. It offers emergency communication in the event of an injury (or extreme weather) as well as live tracking for family and friends back home. (Click text for more info)

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