Receiving and Returning Products

When booking products, you will receive the products a day before your Rental Start Date and the return will happen a day after your Rental End Date. These dates will be clearly displayed when you select your rental dates and during checkout.

During checkout you can choose to collect from us (locations in Western Cape and Gauteng) or have the products delivered to you. Which ever option you choose will be applicable for both receive and returning products.
- If you selected to pick up the products we would appreciate you to drop them off as well.
- If you chose courier delivery the products will be delivered to you and collected from you as well.

Whether you select courier or collection, we will be in touch in a few days in advance to arrange specific times so that you have peace of mind.

Our aim is to make receiving and returning the products as easy as possible. If you have a specific request to receive and return the products please get in touch. Will will do our best to assist!

Refundable Deposits

We charge a small refundable deposit per product. The refund will be processed immediately after receiving the products back and normally reflects on your account within two days.

We do not investigate products in minor detail and expect normal wear and tear to happen so don't worry, enjoy the products as if they were your own! As long as products are returned in a similar fashion to what they were received your full deposit will be returned to you.

In exceptional instances products get damaged or return so dirty that we need additional cleaning services and/ or repairs to return the item to a point where you would enjoy using it again on your next booking.

Items that come back damaged to the point where they are not usable (or that don't come back to us at all) are addressed differently with more information in our FAQ's.