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Aug 2021

An overnight hike in between cold fronts

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Distance from Cape Town: 1 hour

It was Friday lunch time, no plans for the weekend and the weather looked good. The last couple of weekends were spent in the comfort of home while the winter weather rolled through. No more sitting in front of the fire, listening to the rain. This weekend's weather seemed perfect for a quick overnight hike. No clouds in the forecast, so crisp but great for watching stars from your warm down sleeping bag.

For most, a lastminute decision like this leads to an increased heartrate but the reason for it can fall into 2 categories. Either it leads to stress due to the lack of planning and the unknown of what lies ahead or it leads to excitement knowing that from great risk comes great reward. Ideally it should be a bit of both as not all great adventures are planned to perfection but all great adventures lead to excitement. Our lastminute decision paid off. A fairly cold night was crowned by a beautiful sunrise the next morning. The colours were mesmerizing and after the third coffee it was time to explore. Luckily there was no rush to get back home. The rugby was only in the afternoon. What a trip. What an adventure. We made a note to do this more often.

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