The Franschhoek Cross Triathlon

21 January 2023
Berg River Dam, Franschhoek

Part of the Cross Triathlon Series
Lomond Triathlon, Franschhoek Cross Triathlon and Cross Challenge Grabouw
20% off for participating in all 3 events

Be part of the exciting first edition of the Franschhoek Cross Triathlon. The majestic Franschhoek mountains will be your backdrop as you fight it out against the elements in one of the most spectacular off-road triathlon arenas.

Distances (events)

The same routes as last year with the addition of the Kids races. See route profiles below.

Full Triathlon


1000m Swim


28km MTB


12km Trail Run

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Sprint Triathlon


500m Swim


15km MTB


5km Trail Run

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Entry fees & Start times

Starting Times, Categories


Entry Fees:


08:00 – FULL – SOLO – R850

08:00 – FULL – TEAM – R900

09:00 – SPRINT – SOLO – R650

09:00 – SPRINT – TEAM – R750


Please note: Online entries will close when the limits per event has been reached or 15 January 2023 at 12:00. Substitutions will be allowed on the day for a R50 admin fee. Only online entrants will receive a goodie bag.


Registration – To be confirmed


Programme for the day

06:30 – Registration Starts (Registration also on Friday afternoon from 16:00 – 20:00)

07:00 – Transition area opens

07:50 – Registration close

07:50 – Race briefing

08:00 – Start of FULL Race (Wetsuit allowed)

09:00 – Start of SPRINT Race (Wetsuit allowed)

+- 13:00 – Prize giving

Full Triathlon Route profile

Full Triathlon – To be confirmed


Sprint Triathlon Route Profile

Sprint Triathlon – To be confirmed


General Triathlon Rules


Each participant is responsible to know the race course. There will be volunteers and markings, but a little knowledge beforehand will go a long way. A course map is available on the Scuttle website. Printed maps will be available at the venue at registration.

If water conditions do not allow for the swim portion of the race to be conducted, the race will be held as a Duathlon

Minimum race age for this event (Sprint and Full) is 15 years old. Younger athletes should enter the Kids events.

Ignorance of the rules is not admitted as an excuse for violations.

It is the racer’s responsibility to maintain adequate hydration. The organizers will provide hydration stations on the bike and run.

Here are more specific rules as per ITU (International Triathlon Union):

General swim rules:
a.) Athletes may use any stroke to propel themselves through the water. They may also
tread water or float. Athletes are allowed to push off the ground at the beginning and
the end of every swim lap.
b.) Athletes must follow the prescribed swim course.
c.) Athletes may stand on the bottom or rest by holding an inanimate object, such as a
buoy or stationary boat.
d.) In an emergency, an athlete should raise an arm overhead and call for assistance.
Once official assistance is rendered, the athlete must retire from the competition.

General bike rules:
a.) An athlete is not permitted to:
(i) Block other athletes;
(ii) Cycle with a bare torso;
(iii) Make forward progress without being in possession of the bike.
b.) Dangerous Behaviour
(i) Athletes must obey the specific traffic regulations for the event, unless a
Technical Official advises otherwise.
(ii) Athletes leaving the field of play for safety reasons have to return to it without
gaining any advantage. If advantage is gained due to this action, the athlete
will receive a time penalty to be served in Transition Area for Age Groupers and
at the run penalty box for everyone else.

General run rules:
a.) The athletes will:
(i) Run or walk;
(ii) Wear the bib number;
(iii) Not crawl;
(iv) Not run with a bare torso;
(v) Not run without shoes or run barefoot on any part of the course;
(vi) Not run with a bike helmet on;
(vii) Not use posts, trees or other fixed elements to assist manouvering curves;
(viii) Not be accompanied by team members, team managers or other pacemakers
on the course.

General transition rules:
a.) All athletes must have their helmet securely fastened from the time they remove their
bike from the rack at the start of the bike leg, until after they have placed their bike on
the rack at the finish of the bike leg;
b.) Athletes must use only their designated bike rack and must rack their bike;
c.) Only equipment to be used during the competition can be left in
transition. All other belongings and equipment are to be removed before race start.
d.) Bike shoes, glasses, helmet, and other bike equipment can be placed on the bike.
e.) Athletes must not impede the progress of other athletes in the Transition Area;
f.) Athletes must not interfere with another athlete’s equipment in the Transition Area;
g.) Cycling is not permitted inside the Transition Area: Athletes must mount their
bicycles after the mount line by having one complete foot contact with the ground
after the mount line. Athletes must dismount their bicycles before the dismount line
by having one complete foot contact with the ground before the dismount line.
While in the transition area (before the mount line and after the dismount line) the
bike can be pushed only by the athlete’s hands. Mount and dismount lines are part
of the transition area.
h.) Nudity or indecent exposure is forbidden;
i.) Athetes can not stop in the flow zones of the Transition Area;
j.) Marking positions in the Transition Area is not allowed. Marks will be removed and
the athletes will not be notified.

Event Rules

Swim Caps: Brightly coloured swim caps are compulsory and are to be worn by all athletes during the entire duration of the swim.

Wetsuits: are allowed

Helmets in transition: You must have your helmet on and buckled when you are in possession of your bike. It must be on your head before you take your bike from the rack until racked again after the bike section.

Bike Numbers: Bike numbers must be mounted on the handlebars facing forward.

Run Numbers: Numbers must be worn on the front of the body.

Cutting the course: Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or course is not permitted and may result in disqualification.

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